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Post by Maryse Ouellet on Thu May 19, 2011 5:12 pm

Maryse Ouellet Diva004
Maryse Ouellet
As Played By: Ezzy

Favorite Parings: Maryse/Angelina Love, Maryse/Michelle McCool
Pairings I'd Try: Maryse/Eve
Pairings I Wouldn't Touch With a Ten Foot Pole: Maryse/Beth Phoenix
Topics I Like: Anything but Tragedies
Smut?: YES
MPreg?: YES

How I Write This Character (Sample and/or Description): She is a total, sexy bitch. Major and obvious Diva. But she also has a soft side that only few people get to see. She's complicated, and it's hard to understand her emotions and how they work.
Maryse Ouellet
Maryse Ouellet

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